Dr. Laure Plasma Technology GmbH

Dr. Laure Plasmatechnologie GmbH develops, produces and sells plasma-based surface coating processes. In addition to optimising already established coatings and coating methods, we intensively work towards developing new coating systems. Cost-effectiveness isn’t the only factor when putting a new process into practice: environmental friendliness is also a major priority.

Dr. Laure Plasmatechnologie GmbH is now based in the town of Hedelfingen, which lies in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. The company’s development centre has been located in the “airport business mile” near Stuttgart since 2004. Prior to that, the company used the facilities of Stuttgart University’s Institute for Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy, where Dr.-Ing. Stefan Laure wrote his doctoral dissertation in the late ’90s – and went on to found the company.

Laure Plasma