Metallic coatings

Tungsten coating

Conventional methods are only able to liquefy tungsten powder and spray it onto the work piece. The impact of the individual droplets striking the piece results in a very rough surface. But the plasma generators which Dr. Laure Plasmatechnologie GmbH uses evaporate tungsten powder, thus yielding smooth, reflective coats of tungsten deposited on a wide range of substrates.

With a melting point of 3,422° C, the layers of tungsten are highly resistant to high heat loads. They are also suitable for protecting components from many different environmental effects, such as chemical attack and/or wear.

These layers of tungsten can also be used as the basis for tough tungsten carbide coatings, tungsten boride coatings or reflectors for solar absorbers, which operate at high temperatures.

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Tungsten coating with very low roughness


Tungsten coated gear wheel


Tungsten coated tube


Video for tungsten coating