Metallic coatings

Tantalum coating

Tantalum is one of the elements with the highest melting point, so it is well suited as a heat shield. Furthermore, tantalum is characterized by a high chemical and mechanical resistance so that the coated components are protected against high temperatures, but also against almost all aggressive chemicals and against mechanical stress. Due to the high melting and boiling points it is difficult to produce a homogeneous, smooth a dense tantalum layers.
Conventional coating processes produce either thick, but very rough layers in a short time (thermal spraying) or homogeneous, smooth and also in spite of long time very thin coating views (sputtering). With an arc-plasma facilities from Dr. Laure Plasmatechnology GmbH however, it is possible to produce homogeneous and smooth tantalum layers with a high deposition rate, as powerful plasma torches can vaporize the tantalum directly

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Tantalum coated plate


Screws with tantalum coated heads


Tantalum coated plate

Video to Tantalum coating