Whole-car- body activation


As the name implies, this process serves to “activate” automobile bodies. A conventional painting system causes flaws which require touch-up work in roughly 2% of all vehicle bodies painted. This generally requires the entire body to be sanded down and repainted. However, even this work-intensive operation only manages to save about 30% of the defective products.

How whole-car-body activation works

In Dr. Laure Plasmatechnologie’s proprietary method, the top coat of the body is evenly and flawlessly “activated,” i.e., put into a condition which allows it to be painted over. This is achieved by the use of high-frequency oxygen plasma. The special thing about this procedure is that the body itself becomes part of the high-frequency resonant circuit. Unlike with other methods, it is a plasma zone which acts upon the component being finished. This procedure is currently being used in the production line of a large automobile manufacturer and has been licensed out to two large-scale plant builders.